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Composite foils combine the best properties of different materials to create tailored solutions for specific requirements. The diversity of available materials allows for the creation of barriers against moisture, oxygen, UV rays, and more. This makes composite foils ideal for applications where product protection and durability are of the utmost importance.

The Use of Composite Foils

  • Automotive Industry
    The combination of metal foil and PET film is intriguing for the automotive, aerospace, and aviation industries due to its low weight and processing capabilities.
  • Electronics Industry
    Composite foils protect sensitive electronic components from static electricity, moisture, and other harmful influences.
  • Food Industry
    Composite foils are frequently used for food packaging as they preserve the freshness and quality of products. They offer protection from external influences and contribute to extending shelf life.
  • Pharmaceutical Industry
    In the pharmaceutical industry, composite foils are ideal for packaging medications to ensure the integrity and safety of the products.

Technical Features

Processing Width of up to 1,600 mm

Our processing area currently spans up to 1,600 millimeters in width. This processing width allows us to precisely handle even large-format materials. Consequently, we can efficiently process various substrate materials and cut or shape them according to the individual requirements of our customers.

Up to Three-Layer Composites

Leveraging our expertise in composite material manufacturing, we offer the capability to create composites with up to three layers. These three-layer composites provide enhanced functional properties and diverse application possibilities. We can combine different substrate materials and coatings to achieve the desired material characteristics, thus meeting the needs of our customers.

Layer Bonding through Powder or Film Thermoplastics

The production of layered composites in our process relies on the use of film and thermoplastics. This allows us to securely bond the layers together, ensuring strong adhesion and a reliable connection. The choice between powder and film thermoplastics depends on the specific project requirements and provides flexible solutions for various needs regarding adhesion strength, temperature resistance, and more.

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