Customised solutions.

Powder coating

  • What is being coated?
    We use high-quality powder adhesive to coat your materials according to your preferences.
  • Why powder adhesive?
    Why do we choose powder adhesive? The answer lies in the optimal adhesion and wetting results, as well as excellent efficiency.
  • Your advantage?
    Your advantage in using powder adhesives is not only the quality of the coating but also the high cost-effectiveness even with small quantities.

Foil coating

  • Improvement of Metal Foil Properties
    The combination of metal foil and PET film imparts increased stability to the material while maintaining a certain level of flexibility. This makes it easier to work with the material and use it in various applications.
  • Enhanced Resistance
    The composite enhances the resistance of the metal foil to various environmental factors, including corrosion. This makes it ideal for applications in demanding environments.
  • Protection from External Influences
    The PET film serves as a protective layer for the more delicate metal foil, shielding it from external influences such as moisture, dust, and abrasion, thereby increasing its durability and lifespan.
  • Further Processing
    Our processed PET film is ideally suited for further processing in heat sealing processes. The excellent adhesive properties make the composite material appealing for numerous application areas.

Available as:

Roll material

Moulded part


Do you have any questions or specific requirements?

If you have any questions about our products and materials or any specific requirements, we are available to provide you with information.

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